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Alphabox can compress bottles, measure the level of the compresed bottles
and it has a smoke detector too.

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Alphabox's press

Compressing bottles

  • Thanks to the internal press of Alphabox, it shrinks bottles by 60 per cent of their volume.
ultrasonic sensor of Alphabox

Measuring of volume

  • Due to the Alphabox's ultra-sonic sensor it can measure the volume of compressed bottles inside the bin.
  • In that case Alphabox contacts the waste collectiom department to send there a garbage truck wich empty the bin.
  • It also signals this condition by switching the LED strips to yellow.
co sensor of Alphabox

Fire detection

  • We equiped Alphabox with CO sensor which detects when the bin is on fire, in that case it contacts the fire department.
  • It also signal it whit switching the LED strips red.
potentiometer of Alphabox


  • We used Potentiometer for caunting how many times did the user turn the lever, and it also detects the position of the press.
internet connection of Alphabox

Internet conection

  • Alphabox contacts the Fire department and the waste collection department via WiFi.
pictograms of Alphabox

Fun and easy to use

  • The usage of Alphabox is very simple, since the instructions for the user are displayed on the panel

Technical details

About control unit, program and motherboard.

  • Raspberry Pi

    Our control unit is Raspberry Pi 2.

  • Python

    Our project is programmed in Python.

  • Motherboard of Alphabox

    We soldered a motherboard.

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